About us

A mother and daughter collaboration, Kindluv is a brand that seeks to put an end to bullying by spreading messages of love and kindness through clothing. Having immigrated to Canada, my daughter Megan was sad to leave her friends behind but excited to make new ones. New home, new community, new school, new culture, everything was new. Trying to fit in, Megan was bullied. When I found out about this, my mama heart was broken into a million pieces. I felt helpless. It was hard to watch her leave for school and I’d constantly think who’s doing what to her. Even though she spoke up and the bullying was stopped, seeing the same bullies picking on other kids got us thinking of how we can turn her experience with bullies into something good. We are on a journey to spread love and kindness through fashion. We are also committed to giving a portion of every purchase to organizations working to end bullying, so we want you to wear our shirts with pride knowing that you are making a difference.

“Bullying happens to almost every child regardless their age, gender, race, religion or nationality. I have been on the receiving end of bullying but today I stand strong. Strength is being able to get up when you are at your lowest and that is how kindluv was born. Fashion can mean a lot more than just looking good and this brand is driven by purpose and cause. We want to create clothing that starts a conversation, a brand that "speaks" the message of love and kindness. My hope is someone will get inspiration from the way I have overcome, for the bullied to find their voice and speak up and for the bullies to think about the hurt their actions cause. So, join us in this movement to make the world a more empathetic, loving, kind and better place one "statement" tee at a time”